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Outdoor Deck Tiles

Mammoth Sustainably Sourced Solid Acacia Wood Oiled Finish Interlocking Deck Tiles, Water Resistant Outdoor Patio Pavers (Stripe)

100% FSC certified sustainably sourced acacia wood, stained and sealed for water resistance with anti-slip properties.


Made From 100% FSC Certified Sustainably Sourced Natural And Oiled Acacia Wood Deck Tile


Each 12″ X 12″ at .75″ Thick Floor Tile Allows For Easy Yet Durable Thick Gauge Plastic To Connect With Another Piece


These Portable Floating Deck Flooring Are Similar To Composite Deck Boards Where They Are Easy To Set Up Or Move


The Solid Decking Tiles Are Coated With A UV Resistant Coating And The Wood Grain Itself Is Anti-Slippery


11 Pieces Of Checkered Pattern 12″ x 12″ Deck Wood Tile; .75 Inch Thick


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Product description

In need of a quick renovation?

Mammoth’s Interlock Wood Tiles are your perfect choice to refurbish any living space, indoor or outdoor. Its snap locking design allows DIYers to easily and economically install the tiles to pre-existing flooring. Give that hardwood decor feel to your backyard, patio, basement, or even bathroom!

Easy To Install

No Tools Required! Super Easy to Install, Push Connectors together and It’s Done! For an enhanced look, trim the plastic connector edges off with a cutter.

What’s Included

11 STRIPE Acacia Wood Tiles

Buyer Case Examples – Please measure the surface area before buying. Each tile is 1’x1′, equating to1 sq/ft.

– Balcony 10’x4′ (40sq/ft) – 4 boxes

– Outdoor Deck 18’x11′ (198sq/ft) – 18 boxes

– Sauna Room 9’x8′ (72sq/ft) – 7 boxes

– Bathroom 4’x5′ (20sq/ft) – 2 boxes

Once you have the layout designed, it is time to prepare the surface.

Hard Surfaces (Concrete, Asphalt, Cement, etc.)- There should be no large cracks, bumps or depressions which could cause the tiles to lie unevenly. If the surface is rough or cracked, it’s advisable to level the surface with a suitable exterior patching compound prior to installation.

Soft Surfaces (Dirt, Sand, Gravel, etc.)- The surface should be leveled, well compacted and then covered with a weed control barrier.

As a general rule, it is suggested the surface should normally slope slightly away from the outer wall of any structures for good drainage under the tiles.

Laying The Tiles

Lay your tiles from an outer corner of the area you want to cover and work inwards diagonally towards the exterior wall. Push down firmly so the tiles lock together. When approaching the end of your area, some tiles may need cutting to fit in the remaining gaps. You may use a handsaw or power saw to cut the tiles. To provide a professional finish, side and corner edging is available (in late 2020) which can clip onto the edge of the outer row of tiles.

Future Maintenance

Our acacia wood tiles are coated with a decking oil at the factory to enhance the initial appearance of the tiles and provide a resistant coating against weatherization. To provide additional resistance in maintaining the wood tiles, we strongly recommend applying a good quality decking oil/sealer to the deck tiles as soon as 6 months after installation. Further applications should be carried out every 12 months or so, depending on the climatic conditions, the degree of exposure to sun and rain, and the recommendations of the decking oil/sealer manufacturer.

Technical Details

Item Weight 16.75 pounds
Package Dimensions 13.2 x 13 x 8.3 inches
Size 11 pack
Color Wood
Material Acacia Wood
Pattern Stripe (6 Slat)
UPC 650229782227



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