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Mammoth Bio Shield UV Light System, 72 Watt Ultraviolet Light

Bioshield is a UV light device that is installed in HVAC systems.

NEW Replace UV Lamp Indicator LED :

Smart internal computer to detect and indicate when UV lamp needs to be checked/replaced.

Included Installation Template : 

Designed for HVAC furnace AC Duct work, the light air UV purifier comes with installation template sticker, metal screws, and rubber grommet for an airtight seal.

Long Lifetime 36 watt UV Bulb :

12,000 hours of continuous low voltage use design for whether HVAC is on or is off.

Trusted Safety Certifications :

CE, RoHS, FCC + 1 Year Hassle-Free Warranty


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Product description

2 UV 36 Watt Lamp Design

The design of the system allows for 2 UV lamps to be inserted into the HVAC air duct for greater contact against the air passing through. This means double the surface area that the UV air system is passing by.

Info & Guides :

You can open the PDF file with Chrome browser or you may need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents. Download a free copy from the Adobe Web site.

Installation Template & Materials Included

Mammoth makes installation of the UV light system straight forward.

1) First, find a clear area on the air duct to place the included installation guide template sticker
2) Following the dimension on the guide, use either a metal sheer or a drill to open the 2 holes for the UV lamp to pass through.
3) Hold the UV air purifier for HVAC in place and use the included metal screws to secure the system to the ductwork. (If desired, use rubber grommet for airtight seal).
4) Plugin the power adaptor to 120v outlet and power unit on.

New & Only Smart Sensor for Broken/Burnt out UV Lamp

After installing the UV, it becomes impossible to know if the UV lamp is functioning just because the power is on. The computer chip in the device knows to detect when a UV bulb has been burnt out or is not on for any reason and will indicate on the back panel.

Power LED

ON means device is receiving power.

Replace Bulb

When flashing means bulb should be replaced.

Designed for 12,000 of continuous use

The UV-C bulbs are design for continuous use whether the HVAC is on or off.

Treatment areas up to 10,000 sq/ft

Warranty & Support Information

1 Year Mammoth Hassle-Free Warranty Against Defects
1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty with no hidden cost: No deductible & No shipping fees

Product Information

Package Dimensions 18.8 x 9.1 x 5.7 inches
Package Weight 2.2 pounds
Manufacturer Mammoth
UPC 850009078872



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