Warranty Terms, Condition, and Duration

All Mammoth products are carefully constructed and thoroughly tested before shipment. Products purchased in the USA are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is limited to the original retail purchaser. Should the product fail due to factory defect in material or workmanship, your unit will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of Mammoth. Mammoth reserve the right to nullify or modify the terms and condition of the warranty at any point.

Please Save Your Receipt! File it, Put It In Your User Manual, Tape It to Bottom of Unit -- Save Your Receipt!

The warranty is broken into different time period from purchase date. Before you review the type of warranty that applies to you, please note the following three important key information:

Date of Purchase vs Date of Manufacture. We will use your date of purchase on your invoice. If you cannot find your invoice, we'll use the date of manufacture plus two months if that's possible. Otherwise, we need proof of your purchase and we cannot offer extended warranty.

Shipping Back to Manufacture. Within the 1-year warranty, we will handle all shipping fees!

Deductible (Extended Warranty). Deductible only applies to extended warranty. Must be paid before RMA is issued.


All of the Mammoth product comes with a standard warranty regardless of registration. This way your product and your purchase are well protected. There is no cost to you.

Shipping: We will pay for everything.

Causes for Warranty Void

  • Purchase from unauthorized resellers
  • Purchaser is one other than original purchaser
  • Humid environment that leads to corrosion of parts
  • Unauthorized tampering of the unit
  • Use of non-Mammoth parts (including filter)
  • Irregular maintenance of unit
  • Electrical spike and damage due to wrong voltage/current
  • Any other damages done not caused my manufacturing defect or poor craftsmanship