Mammoth Air Purifier Technology


Cleaner air means healthier living. There are a variety of unwanted pollutants in the air and having an air purifier that can combat these airborn particles is the reason why Mammoth Air Purifiers are the leading company in air purification technology.

Depending upon the air purifier you choose, each will do a primary or a variety of functions. Regardless, the primary functions of our air purifier is to remove harmful particles in the air through our multi-stage air purification.

Here is how our air purifier protects you and your family:

Diagram illustrating the air flow of the Mammoth Air Purifiers (not all filters are incorporated on all models).


It may not seem like a very important filter in the system, but a Pre Filter is actually invaluable to the efficiency of Mammoth Air Purifiers. The Pre Filter catches the majority of large particles that linger in the air indoors. As the air is circulated through the air purifier, the Pre Filter traps these larger particles. The Pre Filter is easy to remove and should be cleaned once a month. Without the Pre Filter, the next filter in line, the HEPA filter, can become clogged with larger particles floating in the air, requiring more frequent filter replacement. This is especially true if you have a large family with lots of animals and kids that produce dander, hair, and other large particles.

It is absolutely necessary to keep an eye on the Pre Filter to determine if it is filing up with particles. If the Pre Filter is not changed out regularly, the effectiveness of the rest of the air purifier may be compromised.

All air purifier has a pre-filter.


This powerful filters’ main function is trapping gases and odors. The Carbon Filter actually contains activated charcoal, which has been treated with oxygen to open countless pores. These pores are responsible for absorbing the destructive contaminants—gas and odors. The large surface area of the carbon granules in this filter make it effective in trapping the gases and odors that would normally pass through other filters untouched.

The Carbon filter should be changed every 6 months. Once the carbon has fully bind with gas and odorous particles, it will no longer be able to filter air properly.

All air purifier has the carbon filter. The carbon filter is part of the All-in-One Ice-Tech Filter.


The Ionizer works in a unique way by emitting negative ions, which attract the positively charged particles in the air (the pollutants). Think of the Ionizer as letting loose a bunch of little magnets that seek out all the harmful particles away before you breathe them in. Once the negative ions meet with the pollutants, they will fall onto the carpet or a household surface so it is important to vacuum and dust regularly. By doing this, you will accomplish a healthy living environment free of unwanted pollutants in the air.

All air purifier has the ionizer.


The Ozone Generator in the Mammoth Air Purifier is highly effective and produces low levels of ozone under the legal standard of 0.55 ppm. A natural cleaning agent, ozone works to sterilize the air from odors, mold, smoke and mildew by doing the following: ozone turns oxygen into ozone to clean the air, then it turns back into oxygen. The ozone feature is a completely optional feature. If you choose to install this plate, please refer to the proper installation instructions in the manual.

The ozone plate should be cleaned every 3 months (under continuous use) or 12 months (if used occasionally only for less than an hour a day) for optimal function. If your household or environment is subject to excess smoke or contaminants, it is recommended that the Ozone plate be cleaned more often (2 times per month).


Plasma generator is the newest air purification technology. Instead of using ozone or negative charged particles, the air purifier generates positive ions to neutralize viruses and organic materials' RNA, rendering the air safe to breath from bacterias, viruses, and other organic organisms.


HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Arresting filters, which basically explains exactly what they do. HEPA filters are effective at capturing dust, mold, pollens, allergens and other solid particles as small as 3 micron. Through a very fine paper-like filter, the pollutants in the air pass through the HEPA filter and are trapped. At this point, any bacteria and particles die because the HEPA filters are dry and sterile, preventing any future growth.

The Mammoth Air Purifier HEPA Filter uses the latest, patent-pending filter medium that allows for more air flow compared to other leading brands. Mammoth Ice-Tech HEPA removes 99.97% of household toxins in the air, and for optimal efficiency, we recommend changing the filter every 6 months.

All air purifier has the HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is part of the All-in-One Ice-Tech Filter.


This type of technology is able to completely oxidize and degrade organic contaminants such as bacteria and viruses in the air. The filter is coated with titanium dioxide which when combined with the Germicidal UV Lamp, produces highly reactive ions and electrons in the air. These Ions attach to the bacteria and viruses in the air and destroy them through oxidation.

The photocatalytic filter should be replaced every 6 months. The UV lamp reacts with the photocatalytic properties of the filter to degrade VOC, bacteria and viruses in the air.

This is optional to 7 stage air purifiers. The photocatalytic filter is part of the All-in-One Ice-Tech Filter.


The Germicidal UV Lamp is a crucial element in disinfecting the air. Think of the lamp as a large hand sanitizer, killing all germs within sight. The UV lamp is responsible for removing the dead micro-organisms from the environment which in turn helps you to breathe in more sterilized air.

There are 114 contaminants published by the US Environmental Protection Agency that can be treated with this UV lamp. The Germicidal UV Lamp works through a process called photochemistry. In this process, photons in the UV range cleave to the irradiated microorganism and this leads to a photo induced reaction, resulting in not only sterilization but disinfection as well. We recommend that you change the Germicidal UV Lamp every 24 months for optimal function.

This is optional to 7 stage air purifiers.